Since we spent most of our time in offices & work spaces, we set out to create a more unique, eye-catching and natural work environment. The usual accessories at our desks, where we spend most hours of every day, started to bore us.


While our passion of natural materials and aesthetics was increasing, the concept of our desks should also be relevant to our product. From this desire 'Iulia' was born.Minimalist designs, with natural and nature-friendly material was the exact finished product we were looking for.


We did not have a hard settling on a brand name for our products. Our brand name was inspired by the 'Iulia' butterfly!The 'Iulia' orange butterfly is at the top of the list when it comes to the most aesthetic butterflies in the butterfly kingdom. Iulia has its own special features. It is a different and unique kind of butterfly. All butterflies are a symbol of freedom, change & aesthetics, but the uniqueness of the 'iulia' butterfly captured our favoritism!


Like butterflies, we are also fans of nature and our natural surroundings, just like the users of our items.Aside from our love for nature, we do not lag behind in technology.  We are happy to witness and see the transformation of natural materials using technology.An aesthetic object emerging as a result of every single transformation enriches our office and living spaces. And the final stage of our product is handcrafted with the utmost prestige.


Iulia products, which are naturally made include, technological and aesthetic transformations, as well as partly handmade design features that are now a favorite of our desktops and hopefully yours!